The number necklace is a charm, a token, and a chain.

The charm was pocketed from a kringloopwinkel which burned to the ground a few days later—bad electrical. The token (14) was dug out of the dirt in a nearby park, which was once used as an I.D. tag for goods at a bygone hardware store. Later, a small collection of these tokens were acquired from Marktplaats, in all different numbers.

The charm is sand casted in pewter, paired with a token, and hung from a ball chain at various lengths.

everything store (Chicago, U.S.A.)
Art Metropole (Toronto, Canada)

NY Art Book Fair 2024, with Art Metropole (New York City, U.S.A.)
Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, with Art Metropole (Miami, U.S.A.)
Tokyo Art Book Fair 2022, with Art Metropole (Tokyo, Japan)
Volume 5 MTL 2022, with Art Metropole (Montréal, Canada)

$120 (free shipping)